Summer Back Home

Blogging has been slow recently – I’ve taken time out to relax now I’m home from university. I have an infuriating habit of constantly looking for work to do, and often forget that it’s okay to do nothing for a little while.

So here I am at home, and after being busy for so long I’m secretly wondering how to fill up all my time, because sitting idly and enjoying the summer just wouldn’t do. I brought home my troupe of cacti in an attempt to revive them; they all looked a little sad so I sought help from my nanny in the form of good compost and bigger pots. I’m so scared of killing them – alas I’m not a very good Mother of Plants – so now they’re repotted I’m hoping they can recover and I can be one of those women I find incredibly suave with houseplants flourishing on her windowsills.

As summer projects go (because I must have some form of work to get stuck into) I’m on the lookout for third year themes for my photography and writing. I’d love to have a concrete idea by September so I can jump right in when lectures start up again.

I’m also using the summer to refresh my Spanish. After seven years of tuition at school, I’m a little rusty since A levels. And seeing as I spent so long slaving over dictionaries and gazing quizzically at Spanish news coverage, it’d be a real shame to let it slip. So before I came home I got a novel from the library written entirely in Spanish on a motivated whim. It may be ridiculously complicated, but there’s no harm in tackling it.

And of course, I have my internship at Student and Graduate Publishing to look forward to, starting on Monday, so that’ll be something to keep me busy.



4 thoughts on “Summer Back Home

  1. As you know, I suffer from the same thing. I’ve just had a week away with friends though, and it was fantastic to explore with them and get away from it all. Do enjoy down time, because your body and mind needs it in order to make the most of your next projects and challenges! I have a distinct feeling though that one day we should do a project together, but I’m not sure what… Best of luck with your internship! Chloé Valerie Art Xxx

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    1. Thank you Chloé! Glad you had fun, I hope I can relax too! The internship’s going really well I’m loving it, I’ll post some of my articles here soon. And I’d love to work with you on something! I reckon it’ll be definitely something in the outdoors ☺️


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