This page is a gallery of my wildlife photography, from mammals to invertebrates to macro. Please click on the images to view a larger version.


I spent August and September 2018 as an intern for the South East Zoo Alliance for Reproduction and Conservation (SEZARC) in Florida. I had the amazing opportunity to assist the team with projects at Jacksonville Zoo, White Oak Conservation and the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, not to mention see some incredible American wildlife.


Isles of Scilly

The following images are from my April 2018 expedition to the Isles of Scilly, where I had the opportunity to photograph species not found anywhere else in the UK, such as the minuscule dwarf pansy.



As well as common species of British mammal such as the European rabbit and bank vole, this gallery also includes the Eurasian beaver, which is a hot topic in conservation and has been successfully reintroduced to many areas in the UK.



Birds are a favourite of mine. Whether it’s the glamorous raptors or the often ungainly waders, I can’t resist photographing their intriguing behaviour. In this gallery are a range of British species.



All too often I find myself overlooking the normal and everyday – macro photography allows me to see minuscule miracles up close. In this gallery are a range of subjects, from fungi to frost.