Rebecca Gibson is a wildlife writer and photographer based in Carlisle, Cumbria. Born in Hertfordshire, she moved to Carlisle in 2015 to study a BA in Wildlife Media, which has given her the opportunity to photograph the stunning Lake District and develop her creative style.

She pays close attention to detail in her photography, using colour and texture to produce an image you can feel as well as see. Take a moment to look through the Gallery page, where you can browse macro images, landscapes and a range of British wildlife.

The opportunity to produce work for numerous organisations and publications including BBC Wildlife magazine, the Cumbria Wildlife Trust and New Nature magazine has allowed Rebecca to refine her writing. In a time when the environment is under immense threat, it is essential to capture the passion of more and more people, so Rebecca aims to appeal to newcomers to nature as well as wildlife enthusiasts in her writing. Her open and approachable style is her way of inspiring others to protect and preserve wildlife for future generations.

After completing her degree this year, Rebecca will continue her blog and work on producing longer, feature-length pieces to further develop her work. Despite her love for British wildlife, in particular birds and fungi, Rebecca aspires to travel to learn more about international wildlife and develop her photographic portfolio.

If you have an idea for photography or an article please feel free to get in touch with Rebecca on the Contact page.

Me Montage

“We were thrilled that Rebecca accepted our invitation to join us as a volunteer Creative Content Developer for Wild Intrigue. Passionate, motivated and wonderfully creative, Rebecca captures moments of intrigue, beauty and importance during our Expeditions, which could otherwise be easily missed and forgotten. It’s an honour to have her enthusiastically create informative, articulate and inspiring written pieces for us from her journals, and these have been greatly received by our followers.”

Heather Devey – Director, Wild Intrigue (read my blog post here)

“Rebecca is an extremely passionate wildlife writer and has brought her enthusiasm and knowledge to the whole range of our publications. As well as creating and editing content that reflects her own interests, Rebecca amended her style to fit a range of audiences. With her positive attitude and initiative, she has been a real asset to the company and has done her utmost to support in all ways possible. Her demeanour presents her as a lovely professional and we have thoroughly enjoyed having her as part of the team.”

Steph Ryan – Editor, Student and Graduate Publishing Ltd (read my article here)

“When Rebecca first contacted me about making a short documentary on Eskrigg Nature Reserve I was immediately impressed by her professionalism. The filming was of a very high standard and the film sequences she chose were all pertinent to the narrative, of a sensible duration and sufficiently varied to cover the subject whilst maintaining the viewer’s interest and attention. The transitions were natural and smooth and the editing was seamless. This was a very professional production.”

Jim Rae – Manager, Eskrigg Nature Reserve (watch my film here)



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