Hello, I’m Rebecca.

I’m a wildlife writer and photographer based in northeast Scotland.

I like to stay positive in my writing to encourage more people to learn about their local wildlife and be inspired to protect it. As a photographer I specialise in colourful portraits of British birds and mammals.

I create accessible wildlife content that bridges the communication gap between experts and the general public. During my time with non-profit group SEZARC in Florida I transformed scientific reports into accessible material for the general public. I also enjoy designing newsletters and magazines using Adobe InDesign.

My work has been featured in publications including BBC Wildlife and Oceanographic. I am the Digital Content Creator for Opticron and I am currently writing a Slow Travel Guide to Northeast Scotland, which will be published by Bradt Travel Guides in 2023.

If you have an idea for a writing or photography project, I’d love to hear from you.


Sheena Harvey

Former Editor, BBC Wildlife

“Rebecca is a thorough researcher and keen observer of nature who translates what she sees and learns into absorbing writing for a wide audience. Her gentle style drip feeds the reader with interesting facts about her subjects, wrapped in an entertaining package.”

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Heather Devey

Founder, Wild Intrigue

Passionate, motivated and wonderfully creative, Rebecca captures moments of intrigue, beauty and importance which could otherwise be easily missed. It’s an honour to have her enthusiastically create informative, articulate and inspiring written pieces for us, and these have been greatly received by our followers.”

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Linda Penfold

Director, SEZARC

“Rebecca is the perfect person to translate hard science into an interesting and understandable story for everyone. She has an innate understanding of nature and a passion for communicating that to people. Her work bridges science with the art of storytelling; a rare talent, indeed.”

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Suzy Bashford

Writing Workshop Participant, Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival 2021

“Rebecca’s gentle, encouraging, calm manner put me instantly at ease and I felt no pressure to be a particular way. How she guided us through the forest and exercises was also gentle and nurturing . It was a very soothing experience which helped me see how nature could inspire my writing. The course even inspired an episode on my Big Juicy Creative podcast!

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