The Aluna Experience

As part of a module called Technique and Technical Process, we had to complete a group task which involved watching a documentary and analysing how the ‘plot’ developed. For this we had to find a specific example that covered more than simple fact, but one that told a story of something or someone unknown to us – a docudrama of sorts.

After some rigorous research, we stumbled across a documentary from 2012 called Aluna, which starred a mysterious indigenous people from Colombia, named the Kogi tribe. The belief of the Kogi is that they live to care for the world and ensure its future survival. As a result of the ruthless mining and deforestation that have become global cataclysms, our world is critically damaged. The Kogi describe the world as ‘Mother’ and mankind as ‘Younger Brother’, and blame the loss of biodiversity on what we have done to our planet.

Deeply secretive, the Kogi people dislike strangers, and yet they felt strongly enough for their cause to allow a camera crew into their lives and record their story on film. For me, this level of commitment and passion was very humbling. I couldn’t imagine many people in first-world countries sacrificing their equivalent of their most prized possession, just to encourage conservation.

There was no real resolution at the end of the documentary in that, as of yet, there has not been evidence of the world responding to the Colombian tribe’s plea. However, in a way the Yogi have succeeded, because they have reached out to millions of people through the documentary. It is available for anyone to see, so their message has been successfully spread. I only hope this message is driven home for enough people to realise that conserving our planet is no longer mildly important – it is now a necessity.

Please have a look at the website for the documentary.

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