I Need Your Help for Wildlife Blogger of the Year!

If you love wildlife, then I need your help!

I’ve entered the Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018 competition, organised by Terra Incognita. The theme is “a favourite wildlife moment of 2018”, and I chose my encounter with a wild grey seal in the Farne Islands, which some of you may remember reading about.

I chose this story because it was an incredibly special experience and a reminder to me that we should not be constantly connected to technology. I had a GoPro with me while I was snorkelling but was so surprised by what happened that I completely forgot to film. At first I was disappointed, but on reflection I am so glad that I stayed in the moment and didn’t miss a single second. I interacted with a wild animal with absolutely no distractions, and it has become one of my most precious memories of time spent in nature. I hope my story reinforces the need to connect with wildlife and shows just how rewarding it can be.

As well as the overall winner of Wildlife Blogger of the Year, picked by a panel of judges, there is the Reader’s Choice winner award, which anyone can vote for. If you enjoy my story, I would be thrilled if you could cast me your vote.

You can read my story and vote for me by following this link. Thank you so much!

4 thoughts on “I Need Your Help for Wildlife Blogger of the Year!

  1. Good luck with this. It was a rememberable blog piece. I remember stressing for ages about which GoPro to invest in for Galapagos snorkeling. In the end, the best choice was none of them (no offence GoPro). My highlight was having a sealion streamline underneath me and I’m pretty certain no camera could have made that any more thrilling!

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    1. Thank you! While I absolutely love photography and in many cases it’s great to have a permanent memory, sometimes it’s so much more rewarding to just watch. Sealions are such amazing animals I bet that was wonderful!

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      1. Absolutely. Sometimes the situation allows you to do both, but other situations do call for a ditching of the tech altogether. It was amazing seeing them move so poetically through the water. You probably noticed the same with your greys? It occurred to me after this experience that the water is where they truly belong, although I did enjoy seeing one heave himself up the pier steps to successfully beg for fish equally as impressive (although not as graceful mind).


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