At the Water’s Edge

After forcing myself to revise Biology for most of my Sunday, I drove to Verulamium Lake, St Albans to capture the evening sun in the water. I’ve been here so many times as a child, clutching ice creams or settling down with a picnic. It’s a real tourist magnet, with a stunning view of the Abbey sitting proudly beyond the lake.

St Albans' Abbey in the Sunshine
St Albans’ Abbey in the Sunshine

I was hoping to capture swans with wings outstretched, boasting their regal beauty. No such luck. After having seen several hundred swans here in the past, not a single one graced me with its presence today. No matter; coots, Canada geese, moorhens and tufted ducks turned up for their photo shoot.

Stunning Mallard Green
Stunning Mallard Green
Very Generous Posing From This Moorhen
Very Generous Posing From This Moorhen

As I knelt by the water’s edge, I couldn’t help overhearing a young woman asking her boyfriend what a certain species was, to which he replied with the Latin binomial. It was very refreshing to discover a fellow wildlife enthusiast; our kind seem to be diminishing fast in this modern age.

Caught In The Sun
Caught In The Sun

I was pleased to see several Tufted Ducks; I don’t see them often. One individual was diving in and out of the water. When submerged, bubbles exploded on the surface for a moment before a sleek male emerged, clutching a treasure in his beak. I love the tiny droplets of water on his back, sitting atop his preened feathers.

IMG_7151 IMG_7153

Although I didn’t come across any flapping swans, I was graced with a brief performance from a coot, regal in its own special way.

Flapping Proud
Flapping Proud

This was a lovely end to my weekend, and I hope to go on another nature walk very soon.

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