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While carrying out my (perhaps too) regular scroll of Instagram I passed an intriguing post by Bloom in Doom magazine advertising media positions, one of which was an Online Nature Editor.

Bloom in Doom is one of those beautiful journal magazines where the pages look like works of art. A bi-annual publication, it’s all about positive and solution-based ecological journalism. As someone who always has an optimistic slant on their wildlife writing, I was interested in getting involved.

Less than a week later I have started as a new Nature Editor and posted my first web article, which is about how you can help puffins. The second volume of the printed and digital magazine is titled “Sustainability” and will be out in June. I am hoping to be able to contribute to the third volume, but until then I will be sharing lots of positive wildlife stories on the Bloom in Doom website.

To read my debut piece, follow this link.

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6 thoughts on “Nature Editor

  1. Congratulations – Farne Islands has got to be one of the best wildlife destinations on earth! The decline of puffins is of course troubling though. Climate change and overfishing seem to be the main causes but there still seems to be a lot to learn doesn’t there. Hope I get to see a seabird colony before the year is out.

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  2. So I did a similar short trip in my first year around the Northumbiran coast, and then went back determined to find a boat that provided a longer landing time.
    So I came across these:

    2 hours on both of the main seabird colonies (Inner Farne and Staple). It was a perfect day!
    I was also lucky to get on a landing trip to Bass Rock (over the border in Scotland) when I was up there and that was out of this world if you like gannets, although not treading on them was a challenge!

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    1. Ooh I shall definitely check them out. And I’d love to go to Bass Rock I had no idea you could land a boat there! I’ve seen it from Tantallon Castle but I’d love to get close to the gannets, they’re one of my favourite birds.

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