A Lensball Study

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, I’ve recently been experimenting with the lensball, which is a simple and effective tool to give photos a new perspective. I tried it out in the garden first with mixed results, but once I ventured further from home and found more intriguing subjects to capture, I began to really see the appeal with lensballs. The following shots are my latest creations.

img_1125 2img_1127 2

After spending far too much time on Photoshop – I never like to over-edit my wildlife photos as I think they look far better natural – I decided that a quick and easy way to remove my hand from the image was to take an additional photo of the scene out of focus, which provided the background to the final shot. Then I placed one image over the other and erased my hand. I think the pieces with slightly more complex backgrounds are more effective than those with a plain one such as the blue sky, which make the already obscure subject look perhaps a little too surreal.

img_1133 3img_1167 2

I love seeing a whole new perspective through the lensball, and I can’t wait to continue exploring my natural surroundings with this additional piece of kit!


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