A Day in Newcastle

I’ve been writing a lot recently. This week, when I went to Newcastle for an adventure, I decided to dedicate the day to photography.

Rebecca Gibson Newcastle Bridge Street
When you’re crossing the road and a good shot catches your eye
Rebecca Gibson Gull
A very vocal gull at the Quayside
Rebecca Gibson Newcastle Horse
Business open as usual
Rebecca Gibson Newcastle Alley
Quaint cut-throughs
Rebecca Gibson Zapatista
Working up an appetite – this bundle of heaven was butternut squash and halloumi
Rebecca Gibson Laing Art
“Isabella and the Pot of Basil” by William Holman Hunt. Here’s poor Isabella cradling a pot containing the head of her lover Lorenzo, who was murdered by her two evil brothers.
Rebecca Gibson Stain Glass
Late afternoon miracles
Rebecca Gibson Street
Wandering down winding streets
Rebecca Gibson Cat Cafe
Having a drink at the cat cafe
Rebecca Gibson Newcastle Sunet
The sun sets over Newcastle

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