“Drip Drip Drop Little June Downpours”

After staying indoors for several days straight – as a result of both the drizzly weather and the editing I needed to do – Kerr and I decided we should brave the rain and go for a walk somewhere. Naturally, we chose to go to the beach, specifically Bowness on Solway only half an hour’s drive away.

Upon arrival the heavens opened and we sat in the car watching the rain cascade down in thick sheets. It wasn’t your conventional beach weather, but we were determined to get at least a few decent photos. It was the sort of downpour that could only last a few moments – or so we told ourselves – and sure enough it soon eased to a patient drizzle. After donning waterproofs and fitting camera lenses we gingerly left the car and headed down to the sand.



We were greeted by a blanket of cheerful pink thrift (Armeria maritima), a wildflower that’s commonly found in coastal areas and salt marshes. They were in their prime, brightening up the otherwise gloomy landscape.


Hopping off the grassy bank, I made my way across the beach. The tide was far out, uncovering a series of footprints and other treasures from the sea. A grey heron (Ardea cinerea) stood motionless in the shallows, dipping its head to watch for a passing meal. I edged closer and photographed it for a while, finding the dramatic silhouette hard to resist. With obviously no luck stood where it was, the heron took to the air and flew off, gangly legs hanging awkwardly below its body.


With the heron gone the beach was still again. In the gloomy evening light the scene was eerie. The length of the beach was largely empty, aside from some stray driftwood and discarded seaweed. I stood still and watched the rain fall, hitting the damp sand in heavy drops. After a few busy weeks, it felt good to let time stop for a while.


Nature Walk!

Oh how nice it is to walk my dog in the sun without rain hammering down on my head! Today Jasmine and I went over the fields, something we haven’t done in months for fear of drowning in mud. Not a pleasant way to go.

Initially there was a chill in the air but, like always, I soon warmed up. Before we reached the fields I was thrilled to see a line of blossom trees, both baby pink and a darker, rich cherry shade. Blossom trees always remind me of primary school, as they often grew on the playground and I used to throw the fallen petals in the air like confetti.

Not my best photo; I only had my iPhone on me but I needed to take a shot of my first blossom of the year!
Not my best photo; I only had my iPhone on me but I needed to take a shot of my first blossom of the year!

Once we reached the fields, I noticed they were in fact so dry that the ground was cracked, and I got an interesting texture shot with the tyre tracks imprinted in the earth.

IMG_0510We walked around the perimeter of both farm fields before it started to spot with rain (I enjoyed the good weather while it lasted) but luckily we just got home before the heavens opened again.