Sunny Cliff Wander

It had been several years since we visited Arbroath for the first time; I remember wearing my trusty blue cagoule, but that’s about it. So, we thought it was high time we paid this beautiful town a second visit.


It was another beautifully hot day, so we abandoned coats during our walk along the cliffs. Due to the sheer drops, we kept Jas on a short lead, as our beautiful but rather simple dog wouldn’t hesitate to do a Tom Daley off the top. She was content sniffing the long grass and trotting along beside us.


There were butterflies and pollinating insects wherever we looked; the sky was alive with flapping wings. Bees wrestled for space on the thistle flowers while house martens snatched flies above our heads. We had to watch we didn’t step on caterpillars that were crossing the path in abundance.


The walk built up an appetite, so when we got back to town we tried the legendary Arbroath smokie for the first time. It was an interesting taste, but definitely something I’d have again. We ate the freshly caught fish on paper plates looking out onto the harbour; can’t get much more traditional than that!

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