Reunited with the Beach


When spending summer in Scotland, we know we can only hope for good weather. This week however, the sun has shone most days. Naturally we had to take Jas to her favourite place in the world, St Andrews beach. Armed with her new Equafleece to keep the sand off (and avoid having to battle in the shower with her when we got home), she bounded and leapt like life couldn’t be better.


Once we’d completely worn out the dog, we had a wander through St Andrews and had lunch at a dog friendly cafe. A fair had been set up in the town centre and was in full swing when we got there. Though St Andrews is never particularly quiet, it certainly felt strange to think all this commotion was happening here. I almost walked straight past the gemstone shop that I always have to visit, which blended in with the loud hubbub of the fair. After a walk up to the Abbey ruins, we made our way back home.


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