By The Sea

Recently, England was treated to some incredible weather. After coming back from a walk in the park, I was asked out to the beach with the gang. Initially I was bamboozled at the thought of spending the day at the beach during late British spring, but the day really was lovely.

After a swift trip to the supermarket for sun cream and nearly passing out at the price – £7.50 a bottle (!) – we set off. In an hour we’d arrived and I was breathing sea air!


Almost immediately, we stumbled upon a cormorant’s corpse on the beach. Although slightly grim, it was interesting to see. We wildlife students can’t resist a photography opportunity, even when the subject matter has seen better days.


The rest of the day was spent relaxing. Unbelievably, the sun was so hot I could feel my arms prickling almost immediately. Still, I wasn’t about to complain about British weather being so glorious. I wasn’t quite prepared to dive headfirst into a British sea though, so I had to make do with plenty of water to keep cool.


After spending many hours on the beach we headed back. The sights and sounds of summer are upon us; I just hope they stick around!

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