A Heartfelt Wish

As I was researching for my next assignment on Conservation in the UK, I visited the RSPB website and stumbled upon a Vimeo link.

“I Wish For You” is a film written by Michael Morpurgo and brought to the screen by The Climate Coalition. Five minutes in length, it features Jeremy Irons writing his granddaughter a letter, encouraging her to continue loving the planet and emphasising the drastic action needed to prevent complete destruction. The film also features Maxine Peake as the granddaughter grown up.

This film gave me goosebumps. While the child’s play and beautiful imagery were light-hearted, the underlying message was incredibly sad. For me, Jeremy Irons’ character reflected the planet: both seem tired and and defeated. Perhaps Morpurgo wanted to humanise the planet to encourage more sympathy towards it – usually we as a race seem to feel more sorry for ourselves than birds, fish or trees.

“If we don’t care for it, this good Earth of ours will be as arid and lifeless as the moon… Our Earth is a living, breathing being, and we must hurt her no more.”

The message of the film was clear. Children are who we need to inspire. The cynical and stubborn amongst us will never be persuaded to love and try to help something they have never cared for. Children are open to any possibility – to them the world is full of magic and wonder. All animals and plants are friends to be made, playmates to run and laugh with. With so little time left, we need to inspire the next generation of naturalists to continue the battle for the planet.

Upon hearing the news that the Western Black Rhino has now been slaughtered to extinction, I begin to fear what our planet will have to offer our children and our children’s children in the not too distant future. Will the only tigers they get to see be either printed on paper or in cages? How many animals will they not be able to recognise, that to us seem everyday sights? In a ever diminishing world, we need to employ the help of the youth to light a new spark in the conservation effort.

Please watch and share I Wish For You  – a beautiful cry for action.

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