Hound at the Beach

St Andrews in Fife, Scotland is one of my dog’s favourite places on Earth. She knows where she is as soon as we enter the car park, and she’s got her paws up on the window, whining with excitement.

We can’t park the car quick enough. Once on the lead, she does her alarmingly good rabbit impression and bunny-hops towards the sea.



It is occasionally very difficult to get a clear photo of my dog – when the tennis ball appears she’s a rocket.


As the afternoon wore on, the sun began to set over the beach. This was a fantastic opportunity to capture the magnificence of the Cockapoo.



Just before we returned to the car, we made a new friend. This was an inevitability; there were dogs running amok every five paces.


The only incentive to get Jasmine back on the lead is to offer something tasty from the treat bag, as this provides a very useful distraction.




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