Down on the Farm!

I’d always planned on doing volunteer work when I came to uni. It was just something I thought would add something to the whole experience.

So, when the University of Cumbria Students’ Union posted about volunteering at Wetheriggs Animal Sanctuary, I leapt at the chance. I’d be able to spend time with animals and be doing something worthwhile at the same time – a winning combination for me.

Making New Friends
Making New Friends

It certainly wasn’t glamorous work, but it was work that needed doing, and I feel proud to have helped out a small association for the day.


My duty consisted of cleaning out the bird enclosures. I spent some quality time with ducks, chickens and quail, most of which had been badly injured and rescued by the charity. Wetheriggs runs a rehoming service, and even while we were there a couple came and adopted a group of chickens, so I know all the birds will eventually go to new homes.


The sanctuary also kept larger animals out in the paddocks. An array of sheep, horse, goat and alpaca came to greet us as we were taken on a tour of the grounds. There was even a rather ruffled group of turkeys who didn’t hesitate in making themselves heard.

The Face of an Angel
The Face of an Angel

It was a really enjoyable day and I got to meet a lot of new people from the Lancaster campus of the university. We were given stylish canary yellow volunteer shirts and I wore mine with pride as I shovelled up dirty sawdust. A good day’s work!

Cheesy grin
Cheesy grin

Please go and visit the sanctuary’s website, they’re doing so much good work!

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