Taking the Plunge (and taking a while to resurface)

Tomorrow begins my fourth week at university. I did it; I passed my A levels and at the end of September found myself on the long road from Hertfordshire to Cumbria. Now I’ve settled in to my new life in Carlisle, where I’ve begun studying Wildlife Media, my dream course.

I’m ashamed that it’s been so long since my last post. I have no worthy excuses; the days seemed to have slipped away without my knowing and before I knew it, it was October and I realised I hadn’t blogged since April.

To the loyal readers I once had, I’m sorry. If you continue to read my posts after such a long break, I truly thank you. If not, I don’t blame you for abandoning such a sloppy blogger.

We’ve had our lengthy interval. Now, I shall proceed into the second act. In some ways this is apt, seeing as I’ve just turned a major corner in my life and begun my degree nearly three hundred miles from home. Already I’m changing. I’m relying completely on myself, and even going so far as to introduce myself to a cookbook.

So here’s to the next act. If I have any audience left, I hope you enjoy.

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