Spring Wilderness

Today, for the first time in far too long, I sat out in my garden and awaited the arrival of our loyal garden birds. The sun glistened on the cherry tree from which we hang our feeders, and soon I was too warm for my coat.

The first visitor was a Collared Dove, one of a pair that frequently pays a visit. Their relationship is quite romantic, and for several years I’ve seen them perched together of an afternoon. No sign of the partner today, but this individual sat in the golden sun for a while, studying me from afar with beady scarlet eyes.

Collared Dove

Next was a nippy little Blue Tit who caught me off guard! In my haste to focus the camera, the bird had already taken to the air, and I only managed to capture the back of his head. As handsome as that is, I would have preferred a pretty face!

Shy Blue Tit who wouldn't turn around!

Finally, a couple of timid dunnocks hopped out from between the fence. The clever things kept behind the bushes for most of the time, but after a while one individual crept out enough for me to get a clear shot.

Dunnock looking for dropsies

I may have missed the eclipse earlier this morning due to heavy cloud cover, but for me, getting some snaps of garden birds in spring sunshine is far more rewarding.

8 thoughts on “Spring Wilderness

  1. Hey Rebecca, I like the look of your blog, having only set up my blog last September I know what it feels like to be new and not sure about how you will be received. Your photographs are great and I look forward to seeing more – best of luck with uni, I spent a year studying conservation biology myself but decided it wasn’t for me, I agree with you that photos are a useful medium to raising awareness of conservation issues – its what I try to do with my writing. hope your blog goes well.

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    1. Thank you! I’ve just been reading some of your posts – I agree with what you say in ‘The decline of the nature documentary’. It’s very sad how people just aren’t interested in wildlife anymore.


      1. Thanks for reading my blog! Even at uni most of the people on my course weren’t all that into wildlife – they were interested in the science and going to tropical reefs but knew squat about the birds in their back garden.


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