Summer Plans

In about three months, I will have finished school once and for all. Not only is that an exciting idea, it’s also a terrifying one. What on earth am I supposed to do now?

I can’t wait to go to uni, but then again the prospect of independence is both daunting and, thus far in my life, pretty unknown. I’ve decided I’d like to do the “Headstart” programme that Cumbria University offers during the summer before term starts because hopefully it will get me used to how the course runs before I fly the coop and take it on.

I’m hoping to make this summer unforgettable. I’m not going on holiday, so I’d love to cram my free time with worthwhile events and days out. As I’m always trying to sculpt my portfolio, I want to visit loads of nature reserves and heritage sites, (if you, dear reader, know of any great ones, please let me know in the comments).

I remember in Winterwatch 2014 there was a feature on the Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome in Chelmsford, which is a thriving habitat for rare owls including the Short Eared Owl. This would work beautifully, as I could photograph the owls while my Dad amuses himself soaking up yet more war history (the Yesterday channel is on all too often in our house).

I’d also like to revisit the Cat Survival Trust in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. I’m a member of the organisation and attended a photography day there last November. If you’re looking to photograph big cats, I couldn’t recommend this sanctuary enough. From pumas to Scottish wildcats to stunning snow leopards, the Trust offers photography days in association with Jessops to capture these beautiful animals up close and very personal. 

Now I properly look, there are nature reserves everywhere in my county that I didn’t know about. Wildlife is all around us and when we take the time to look we see beautiful things. I’ve officially started a Bucket List of places to visit in the months to come. I can’t wait for this summer!

All that stands in my way are exams, and plenty of ’em.

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