First Signs of Spring

Typically, I write this as the heavens reopen and the sky is grey and dreary once again, suggesting that spring has in fact come and gone already. Blink and you missed it.

Whenever I’m early for my piano lesson, I venture down to the nature reserve belonging to the Watercress Wildlife Association. This really is a jewel in the crown of the city. Up until recently I haven’t dared wander down to the river for fear of sliding in mud and falling in. Last week, however, the sun was shining and I took my chances. As usual, there wasn’t a soul to be seen. Occasionally there are parents taking their stomping children across the bridge but today, a racket-free zone. I sat on the bench overlooking the river and felt completely in my element. This was what spring and summer were all about.

Not my best quality photograph, but here’s a shot from my phone, taken from my Instagram. I was enjoying myself so much I almost forgot to go to my music lesson.

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